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Gold Rush is a one of a kind handmade strand that was made with glamorous gold, river shell, and Jade.

Gold represents prosperity, personal power, wealth amd more.

River Shell hold the ability of; clarity of the mind, clearing ones intuition, and stimulation of imagination and adability.

River shell is also known to bring people together with peace and harmony.

Jade is thought to protect its wearear & promote harmony. It also soothes the mind and body by releasing negative thoughts.

Gold Rush -51''

  • This specialty hand-made waist bead is truly one of a kind. Only one waist bead with this design was created. This specialty strand is only available in the measurement listed above. Be sure to measure yourself before purchasing.

    *For most accurate measurement; measure yourself with a tape measure, measure 1’-3’ above the navel, measure twice!

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